RSS Guidelines and Templates

Joint Accreditation has specific requirements in order for OCPD to award credit for activities. To be eligible for credit, utilize the guidelines and templates below for Regularly-Scheduled Series (RSS) activities.


Required Evaluation Questions

  • How well did this activity fulfill the following learning objectives?
    Upon completion of this educational activity, the learner should be better able to:
    Overall Series Objectives [Excellent - Very Good - Good - Fair - Poor]
  • As a result of participating in this activity, will you make any significant change(s) in your role?    
    O Yes
    O Possibly, I am contemplating change (s), but would need more information and/or education
    O No, but the content affirms my current behavior/practice
    O No, I am unable to implement those suggested change(s)

    If yes, identify any significant changes to your role.
    If contemplating changes, please identify additional tools, education, and resources that would be helpful to you.
    If no, what barriers may exist to prevent you from making changes?
    What suggestions or system changes would you recommend to overcome these barriers?
  • Were the presentations free of commercial bias?  [Yes - No]
    (Did the presentations avoid promoting a particular product or service?)