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Contact Us:

If you have questions, wish to request an application, or you are involved in a specific QI project you would like to discuss, please contact the appropriate MOC contact  (i.e,. your department-specific representative - for those departments that have identified one, or Andrea Barrett or Doug Zech - for those departments that do not have an identified representative):

Department of Pediatrics
Jordan Marmet, M.D.
(MMRB Co-Chair)
Andrea Barrett, MPH
Quality Coordinator
Department of Pediatrics
Jeff Louie, M.D.
Department of Pediatrics
Sameer Gupta, M.D.
Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
David Satin, M.D.
Doug Zech  
(Performance Improvement staff representative)
Department of Medicine
Tanya Melnik, M.D.
Department of Internal Medicine
Michael Rhodes, M.D.
Department of Psychiatry
Lora Wichser, M.D.
Keri Rateliff, MSN, Rn, NE-BC, CPHQ
Senior Quality Consultant
MOC Project E-mail
(General inquiries)