Sample MOC-IV applications that our M Health MOC Review Board (MMRB) has approved 

  1. 2018 Peds LOS Project
  2. LOS Project PowerPoint slides with data presented to the MOC Part IV Committee
  3. 2018 Improving Attendance in the Pediatric Weight Management Clinic
  4. Improving Attendance in the Pediatric Weight Management Clinic PowerPoint slides presented to MOC Part IV Committee

Sample MOC4 attestation of meaningful participation:

Length of Stay Reduction Project Attestation Example 

Contact MOC representatives to:

  • have a question answered
  • request an application
  • discuss a specific QI project

Please contact your departmental MOC represenative. All other departments without an identified representative should contact Andrea Barrett or Doug Zech.

Department of Pediatrics
Jordan Marmet, M.D.
MMRB Co-Chair

Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
David Satin, M.D.

Department of Medicine
Tanya Melnik, M.D.

Department of Psychiatry
Lora Wichser, M.D.

All other departments, contact:
Andrea Barrett, MPH
Quality Coordinator

Doug Zech
Performance Improvement staff representative

For general MOC project inquiries email: